Our garments intend to feel the place from where they have come from and to understand the process, which makes them so unique. The style is classic and simple, keeping the focus on the incomparable texture of this raw material. Our collection features natural handspun wool, woven by hand from our team in Ladakh. The textile is created over several months, starting from the growth of the wool over pashmina goats in Changthang, the spinning, the natural dyeing and the weaving. The natural dyes which have been used in the current collection are turmeric, lac, teak leaves, madder root, areca nut, black tea, Cutch bark and onion skin.

Ethical. Sustainable. Responsible 

Weight 40 g

13 x 68 Inches / 43cm x 174cm



Made in

Ladakh, Changthang, India

Counrty of Origin

Made In India


100 % Pashmina (Changthang)


Multi Colour


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